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Submission Guidelines


Who Can Submit?

Anyone! Nada Blank ePress accepts submissions from both published and unpublished authors, no agent needed. We firmly believe that everyone should have a chance at getting their story heard. To see what we are currently accepting, please visit our homepage or main ePress page.


How long does it have to be?

For short story submissions, it must be between 5,000-20,000 words. Above 20k will be considered a novel or novella submission.


What format guidelines should I follow?

Your formatted story should use standard 1" margins, have a cover page with title, name, pen name (if applicable), email address, and word count. The file should be saved in .DOC or .DOCX format only. 


Do you accept previously published works?

Sorry, but no. It's a publication rights issue.


Do you pay?

Of course! We pay royalties only and do not offer advances. In the case of anthologies, royalties are split evenly among contributors.


Do you accept tie-in pieces?

Definitely! If you have a novel and want to do a short story for an anthology that ties into it, we are more than happy to consider it, even if we didn't publish the other piece. Every author gets their own mini-bio on our site and in an anthology to introduce themselves.


Do you edit submitted works? 

There has to be a balance between an author's voice and quality control. We edit all submitted and accepted publications (no cost to you, of course) and ask that the author signs off on it before publication. We will only do edits for grammar, continuity, etc--your work is yours and we will not ask that you change it unless we feel it is absolutely necessary, but do wish to offer high-quality content to our readers. 


Do you accept multiple submissions?

Yes, but in an anthology only one story will be published per contributor.


May I submit my story to other venues?

Yes, you may, but if accepted please notify us immediately and your story will be withdrawn from consideration (it's a rights issue). 


What rights do you give?

Our contract covers the right to publish and promote the story in print, audio, and ebook formats, worldwide, in English. Currently, print will only be Print on Demand. 


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