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Author Friendly.

Reader Friendly.

A Publisher

for the 21st 


We are here because of our passion.

Nada Blank ePress & Author Services was an idea born from a mix of love for writing, passion for helping people, and skill in technology. Long ago, I realized the core service I wanted to offer: helping people tell their stories. 


I am proud to offer the world a company focusing on a collection of authorial services, offered à la carte and no strings attached: ghostwriting, editing, ebook formatting, web design, and anything else an author may need. Nada Blank is a one-stop shop for those with a story to tell, a place where your needs can be addressed individually and directly.


More than that, I am proud to work with authors to publish and promote their work. I want to see more stories in this world, and working with authors to get their stories into the hands of readers is the cornerstone of Nada Blank.


Nada Blank. Nothing blank: for you, for me, for the world. 


Thank you for stopping by. If you're interested in our services or having us handle your publication, please drop us a line. We'd love to talk!


   Jason Peerce


   Nada Blank ePress & 

        Author Services

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